Volcom #2

Apparently the second shirt I made wasn’t as well received, because, unlike yesterday’s shirt, Easton didn’t want to even try this one on. I’m disappointed, too, since I like the way this one turned out – even the v-neck turned out perfect! At least I know this one will fit since he already wore the other tee. Of course, my real question is: Since when did Easton get so picky about his clothes?

2 thoughts on “Volcom #2

  1. Beth

    Poor mom — they do this sometimes. Maybe he doesn’t like the V neck?

    Kudos to you — I’d be bug-eyed trying to deal with that busy print!!!

    1. stacy

      I think it’s the fabric – he’s just not as excited about it. I did finally get him to wear it the other day and the v-neck fits much, much better.

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