Loud & Busy

I think this shirt describes Easton to a ‘T’ (no pun intended) – it’s loud, busy, and fun. And while I think this print works well in small quantities, but I can’t imagine it in on a teen boy… I mean, that’s a lot of design going on there!

For this version, I went with a ‘G’ (roughly designed for 3 year-olds). I think it fits well, except for the neckline – even though the material has a lot of stretch, Easton must have a larger head than what’s intended for this size because it’s hard to get on and even harder to get off. Next time I’ll have to go up one size this this area and I think it should fit better. Otherwise, it’s a great shirt!

I’ve decided to make the next Volcom print a V-neck. I think this should. give a little bit of variety to his wardrobe (everything is a crew neck) and should also solve the neckline issue since it should give him a little more give there.

4 thoughts on “Loud & Busy

  1. Jessi

    I love this shirt pattern. The v-neck works well with a bigger-than-average head. I’ve made some for my son and husband. Great print!

  2. Nancy

    Cute shirt on a cute little boy! I have a nephew with a larger-than normal head. For years, his mother struggled to find t-shirts that would fit him. I made him many t-shirts over the years and just cut the neckhole slightly larger and they worked great.

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