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Casserole Carrier

I’m not going to lie. I really cut this bridal shower present sewing close – I was starting to think I wouldn’t get the casserole carrier finished in time! Thankfully, I mustered up enough energy last night (thank you coffee) and now it’s done (although the potholders that I planed on making will have to be bought):

So how was the tutorial? Really well written! The instructions were easy to follow and there are plenty of photos to help you along the way. The best part, it sews together fairly quickly (if you have a chunk of time, it could probably be sewed up in a long afternoon) and looks great when you’re finished. The only complaint (and it’s a small one) I have is that that there aren’t ‘standard’ measurements for placement of the straps or Velcro. I know that this is supposed to be customized to the dish you’ll be using, but a general idea of where to put them might be nice just in case you intend on using a larger (or smaller) casserole pan than what you start with.

Will I be making this again? You bet! It really does make a nice bridalweddinghousewarming gift… in fact, I might have to make one for myself someday.

Linky Thursday

I think a lot of bag patterns are too small to hold a lot of ‘stuff’, especially when it comes to school. I think this bag might work (plus I love the fabric).

Make yourself a pretty wrap dress without using jersey.

Have a lot of (credit) cards? This tutorial has plenty of room for them all!

I never would have guessed that this dress started out as two shirts.

I love when you can get ‘two bags’ out of one design – like this reversible tie-top handbag.

How did I miss this book?: P.S.– I Made ThisFashion Craft Books) I think I’m going to have to get it because I keep going to her site and finding cute tutorials like this Ruffle Tee.

An interesting way to make ‘the perfect corner’.

This Snap Wrap Dress for girls is so cute, I want one in my size.

Perfect for spring weather: The Sunny Resort Blouse.

Warm weather is here and chances are you’ll be working in the garden or making repairs around the house. Let your little helper chip in by sewing up a children’s toolgarden belt.

Have iPod, will travel! Learn how to make an iPod case you can wear on your arm.

This has got to be some of the cutest baby booties that I’ve ever seen (although did anyone else think that the top model’s shoes has two right feet?) – someone needs to have a girl so I can make these!

Plan on getting mom a camera for Mother’s Day this year? Sew up this camera strap to go along with it!

Turn an old pair of jeans into a cute little bucket.

I’ve seen them all over bags this season: braided handles. Learn how to create this look for yourself with this Braided Handle tote tutorial.

My inner geek wants to sew up this fabric Rubiks Cube.

Showered With Gifts

This week, I’m starting on a bridal shower gift for my sister-in-law…. that’s this weekend! (With a toddler) Talk about 11th hour sewing! My first project is this cute little casserole carrier from 2 little hooligans. I decided to go with a pretty toile print (I’m hoping that it’s not a mistaking using a fabric that has a predominately white background to it) and break up the print with black straps. So far, I only have the exterior of the carrier put together so I’m hoping to get the chance to work on attaching the straps this evening – expect a full review when it’s complete (and possibly a second casserole in a month or sew for another gift for a different bride)!

McCall’s Tunic

I thought it was time to finally make something just for me. A few weeks ago, I picked up McCall 6287 and some gorgeous black jersey. It’s been staring at me ever since so I decided to put it to good use…. I should have done it sooner, this was probably one of the EASIEST patterns that I’ve ever made. In fact it was so easy, I had to re-read the directions 3 or 4 times to make sure that I wasn’t just imagining how simple it was! What makes this particular pattern such a piece of cake? Raw edges – because you’re working with jersey, you don’t have to finish the edges of your material (they won’t ravel or fray). However, this does mean that you’ll need to carefully cut your material to make sure all the edges are smooth and don’t have any ‘burrs’. The sewing is only 4 steps making it a perfect pattern for the beginner or someone just wanting to try out using knit material – I HIGHLY recommend this pattern!

Project Details:

McCall’s 6287, View A

Black jersey from Sew Much

Materials & Cost:

BIG Weekend

This weekend went like a flash. Easton celebrated his 3rd birthday then we followed it up with Easter (by the way, Easton was unimpressed with the plush peep. Taylor, however, loved hers). Consequently, I didn’t do any sewing, but I did try my hand at a peep floral display – it was easy, but I never could find a vase that was the ‘right’ size so I settled on a much larger one (consequently, it required more jelly beans and peeps than the tutorial). The biggest challenge? Keeping everyone out of the candy!

Men’s Apron Tutorial

You don’t see much of my husband on my site – I suppose it’s because I don’t always sew up a lot of items geared towards ‘the guys’. However, he recently became the model for my latest Sewing Republic tutorial…. a men’s BBQ apron (this apron will work perfectly fine for women as well, just change up the fabric)! I’ve always found that ‘standard’, purchased aprons are never big enough for the guys. So what makes apron work so well for men is the larger width and metal grommets that hold the neck and side ties (it seems to give it a more ‘manly’ look when you toss in a bit of metal). Pair this up with a vertical stripe, sport, skull or tattoo novelty print (I used an Alexander Henry flame fabric) and you’ve got yourself the perfect Father’s Day gift!

And many thanks to my husband who begrudgingly posed for the photos. If he continues to be this cooperative, I might make him more ‘stuff’!

Linky Thursday

Do you get Peeps every year, but can’t stand to eat them? Don’t throw them out – put them to good use: Make an adorable Peep Wreath, holiday centerpiece, or Easter Bunny S’Mores gift baskets.

I think I found the next bag I want to make – The Buttercup. Although, this one is a close second.

If you’ve ever shopped for a baby sling, you know how expensive they can be. Make your own… and in the fabric of your choice!

Tired of the same old purse? Make your next one reversible.

I couldn’t resist buying some confetti eggs this year for Easter (we couldn’t wait for the fun and have already used them. Just a quick note: they are like rocks – do not throw them at people’s heads). I think I may have been better off making my own – plus glitter makes them even more fun. Too messy for you? Then stuff them with treats instead!

Alright, so it is pring and the thought of working with a heavy fabric like corduroy might not seem like something you want do do, but this corduroy circular purse has such a nice shape…. you might not mind working with it after all!

I think this Butterfly Collection pillow screams “spring” and it looks easy enough for a beginner. I wonder if I can get Taylor to make one for me for Mother’s Day?

Just in case you missed it (I almost did), Hot Patterns has a new, free pattern up at – the Easy Breezy Vest.

I really like this Goodnight Owl sleep mask – it’s so unique!


This week, I started working with some ‘alternative’ sewing materials. Recently, I took this material in my garage and cut it down to a manageable size… I’m sure my neighbors were once again wondering what I was up to. However, it wasn’t until the other day that I actually got to ‘play’ with it in my sewing room – where I learned some great tips on working with this fabric: like it sews nicely, but turning it right side out is a PITA.

Now that I’ve had a chance to see how this material behaves, I’m ready to turn it into a new tutorial for The Sewing Republic! I’m very excited to get to work on this project because I think this material will really make it stand out. I’m intending on adding a slew of tips on working with this material as well – that way if you chose to make this item for yourself (you also have the option of using ‘standard’ fabric as well), you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out and struggling with the material. I’ll also be sure to put up a teaser of the finished project once I’m done!

Volcom #2

Apparently the second shirt I made wasn’t as well received, because, unlike yesterday’s shirt, Easton didn’t want to even try this one on. I’m disappointed, too, since I like the way this one turned out – even the v-neck turned out perfect! At least I know this one will fit since he already wore the other tee. Of course, my real question is: Since when did Easton get so picky about his clothes?

Loud & Busy

I think this shirt describes Easton to a ‘T’ (no pun intended) – it’s loud, busy, and fun. And while I think this print works well in small quantities, but I can’t imagine it in on a teen boy… I mean, that’s a lot of design going on there!

For this version, I went with a ‘G’ (roughly designed for 3 year-olds). I think it fits well, except for the neckline – even though the material has a lot of stretch, Easton must have a larger head than what’s intended for this size because it’s hard to get on and even harder to get off. Next time I’ll have to go up one size this this area and I think it should fit better. Otherwise, it’s a great shirt!

I’ve decided to make the next Volcom print a V-neck. I think this should. give a little bit of variety to his wardrobe (everything is a crew neck) and should also solve the neckline issue since it should give him a little more give there.