Linky Thursday

I’ve been finding quite a few t-shirt refashions that I’m dying to try lately. My favorite of the bunch is this long sleeved to bow tank (I even found a cute, striped shirt similar to the one in the tutorial for .97!) although this Garnet Hill Shirt knock-off and this Ruffle Shirt come in a close second.

Sew up a flattering shirt dress. One catch – you have to own a dress that currently fits you well as the pattern.

It’s probably more of an undertaking that what I care to try, but I’ve always wanted a customized umbrella. Learn how to recover one and make it your own.

Sew a scrappy polo shirt for your little guy

I wouldn’t mind making my own bean bag chair if I didn’t have to deal with all those polystyrene pellets… those were the messiest things I’ve ever had to deal with. Ever.

Ruffles are everywhere this season – even on shoes. Learn how to add some to your sandals (or high heals).

A good tutorial on adding pockets to one-piece pants. It’s designed for children, but would work on adult patterns as well.

A free e-book on learning how to sew – great to pass on to someone you know just starting out.

This butterfly wall art project reminds me of my grandmother who had some of the real thing hanging on her wall.

Remember that pop-up bucket that I mentioned in last week’s Linky Thursday? This one has a similar feel (you can’t smash it down, but it’s the same shape) and you don’t need that pesky coil.

Make an easy summer skirt – no pattern required!

I’ve always wanted a Cassette Tape Wallet. Now I can just make one for myself….. I’m not even sure we have a cassette tape player in the house anymore.

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