Do you ever get a ‘brilliant’ idea only to have it not translate well onto paper? Well, this onesie was my ‘brilliant idea’ and there’s only one way to describe it… “meh”. I was trying to give some movement and a different sort of dimension to my partner’s onesies. She’s nuts about goldfish and I thought that making a fishbowl onesie with a swimming fish inside would be fun. Two things I realized after making it:

1) The background of the fishbowl should really be embellished (rocks, coral, a castle, bubbles, etc.) before adding the clear plastic over top of the design – a plain background (at least with only one fish) is sort of boring. This of course means that the design itself needs to be bigger as well – so it might not work as well with an infant onesie.

2) You need either bigger or more fish. One just gets lost in there.

3) Use white tissue paper if you’re going to use it to place over the plastic (instead of a teflon foot). I only had paper with a ‘design’ on it and now I have little bits of pink paper that just won’t let loose.

2 thoughts on ““Meh”

  1. CGCouture

    It’s a pain, but I used tweezers to get the little bits of water soluble stabilizer out of a hem that didn’t go away after being wet. I think the onsie is too cute! Does it actually “swim” in there? And is it dryer safe?

    1. Stacy

      I moves around in there (in the photo it managed to shift itself upside down so it looks like it’s not doing so well in the bowl, LOL), but the onesie wouldn’t be too drier safe (it should be fine to wash though.

      Thanks for the tweezer idea! I hadn’t thought of that!

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