T-Shirt to Gown

Instead of embellishing another onesie, I decided to do something a bit different this time and make a newborn gown (something my partner had mentioned she wouldn’t mind receiving). Originally, I wanted to make one in black and use glow in the dark paint for the image, but I never found a pattern in one of my books (I was surprised) so I turned to the internet. That’s when I stumbled across a fun tutorial for recycling a t-shirt into a gown. Since I recently did a closet purge, I didn’t have that many shirts so I decided to raid Taylor’s and came across one I know that she wouldn’t miss (it’s too small)… a ‘retro’ Double Bubble shirt. Here’s a before and after shot of the finished gown:

Overall this gown came together really well. Since the shirt was a youth large, I had enough material for the body, but not enough for the sleeves. I decided to go ahead and use the existing sleeves in the shirt and make them 3/4 length (I also kept the existing hem in the sleeves as well) instead of short. I’m keeping this pattern in mind for future babies – I’ll be making some fun shower gifts soon and I can see how this would make a fun package.

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