First Onesie

I started crafting for my Week of Baby Onesies swap this week. I have a lot of ideas for this one, but keeping them ‘gender neutral’ is a bit more difficult that what I thought they would be – I never realized how many fabrics really lean toward girls. My first shirt is a ‘tattoo’ themed design in red foil. I had dyed a white shirt ‘black’, although the dye didn’t turn out dark enough and looks more like a gray (with purple hues) instead. It’s a nice color, but not necessarily the one I had intended (I have since found black onesies sold at Hobby Lobby). I used a stencil made by Tulip for the design – I do not recommend them. The borders are thin so it’s too easy spread the paint over the intended design, plus they are small (great for baby shirts) so ‘painting’ the design is even more difficult. I would have rather used Plaid’s Simply Screen, but their templates seem to run too large and are limited in designs right now. Overall, I like the finished result, but not necessarily the products used to make it.

2 thoughts on “First Onesie

  1. Tara Miller

    What kind of dye do you use? I have used RIT and every time the colors run in the wash and ruin all my other clothes/fabric. Plus the colors don’t dye true. I tried brown which turned purple, black which turned purple and double block which turned tye dye.

  2. Stacy

    I used RIT for this one and it seems to have a more purple and gray than black. It’s an usual color, but it’s interesting.

    I’ve tried using two packets of the RIT and it helped immensely in getting a darker color (although no where near pure black). I may try Dylon next time, I’ve heard people get nice results.

    I’ve found soaking them in vinegar or salt helps set the color and makes it less likely to bleed.

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