Winners & Notebooks

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the winner of My Favorite Felt Sweets is….. Tara from Gruene Tree! Congratulations, Tara, send me you mailing information and I’ll send it on it’s way.

So, what new craft item have I come up with? A notebook cover for my The Office Swap. Originally, I wanted to create a Hello Kitty Laptop cover (from The Office episode Have A HOLLY, Jolly Christmas), but I had no idea if my partner owned a laptop – I hated to make something that would never get any use. Consequently, I made a (Hello Kitty) notebook cover instead. Instead of creating a slip on cover for the notebook, I tried something completely different – I used fusible web and ironed the fabric right onto the notebook cover! While this project is really easy to make (just iron, then trim), I have mixed feelings about the results. First off, it’s not as ‘clean’ looking as making a slip cover and the color of the notebook is more likely to ‘come through’ if the material isn’t dark enough. However, it’s a fast way (I think older kids can help too) to spruce up a composition cover. More than likely I’ll be making a slipcover the next time around.

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