Sophia’s End Result

With numerous deadlines in April (swap, holiday, and otherwise), I’ve been working diligently to finish some of the more difficult projects first…. the Sophia is one of them. I think I really made this project a lot easier by all the changes I made since sewing this one up seemed to go much quicker (and I only broke 2 needles this time) than my last. I’m also thrilled with the end result – not only does the contrast sections of the bag work well, but the reduced amount of interfacing seems to still keep the bag’s shape and gives it a nice, soft feel. So what changes did I make?

1. I used contrast fabrics to the handle, end tabs (along the zipper), and bottom of the bag.

2. I reduced the amount oftypes of interfacing used. The pattern called for woven interfacing, needlepunch fleece and Timtex (for the bottom). I used two layers of a mid-weight fusible only and Timtex along the bottom panel.

3. I eliminated the piping (I believe this is what really reduced the bulk and kept me from breaking so many needles).

4. I eliminated the false bottom panel.

Now it’s on to my next project – a little something for my Office Swap partner!

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