Sometimes, no matter how busy you are, you just have to drop what you’re doing and whip up a little something for your kids. Easton has been sifting though all the shirts in my closet and he keeps pulling out the same one each time…. Operation. So this weekend, I decided to sacrifice this shirt so I could bring a bit of joy to my 2 year-old. I used Jalie 2918 (size 2, but lengthened it by 1/2″) and the parts of the shirt, right down to the neck ribbing. Fortunately the logo just barely fit without noticeably cutting anything off the finished design. I also sped the sewing process up a bit by using the existing sleeve hem.

Easton was totally surprised that I managed to ‘shrink down’ the shirt to fit him and you can tell from the photo, he was thrilled wearing it. The only change I’ll make to future tees enlarging the neck area (maybe going up one or two sizes) since it was difficult getting the shirt off his head at the end of the day.

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