New In The Sewing Room

I’m giddy. I made some recent fabric purchases from and they arrived this week – the first two are some seriously gorgeous faux leathers (I also purchased some from Mood that just arrived yesterday… they didn’t make it in the photo, though) for a future Sew News article. The next is a bowling themed fabric for Easton a Bowling Shirt – he’s excited for me to make one, although he is now asking for bowling shoes to go with it. The next two are Hello Kitty prints for Taylor – one is a woven and one is a stretch… eventually I will get around to working on some pajamas and a bag for her (maybe birthday presents?). The last is a Space Invader style print that I had intended on using for a swap themed item for my partner, but I’ve since changed my mind on what I’m going to sew up for her. More on that later…. I think I’ll just hang on to this fabric for awhile, my inner geek really likes this print!

With spring in the air (well, briefly in the air here, it’s cold again today), what has everyone else been gearing up to make?

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