What Could It Be?

Sometimes, I get so excited to work on a project, I just have to get started immediately. I seem to do my best sewingdesigningwriting when my creative juices are flowing and have learned that I need to jump on that motivation before it’s gone (and moved to a new and different project). Consequently, I skipped today’s Linky Thursday post and spent last night sewing up the items you see on the left (I intend on making one more this weekend). I know, it’s elusive, but you’ll be able to see the final designs in the next issue of Sew It All magazine! (Actually, those items are a result of numerous prototypes that I created over the weekend – after 5 or 6 pattern designs and tweaks (maybe more, I lost count) I finally came up with one that I was happy with.)

Now that the pattern is nailed down, the models are sewn, and the instructions are drafted, I’m spending the evening in front of the t.v. and surfing the web! You can expect a Linky Thursday Friday post sometime tomorrow morning. In the mean time, feel free to take guesses at what you think the photo might be.

2 thoughts on “What Could It Be?

  1. Sharon

    I’ve been busy working on my projects for the next Sew It All magazine also! I’m the same way – when the inspiration hits I go with it and put everything else aside. I’m be curious to see your projects!

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