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New In The Sewing Room

I’m giddy. I made some recent fabric purchases from and they arrived this week – the first two are some seriously gorgeous faux leathers (I also purchased some from Mood that just arrived yesterday… they didn’t make it in the photo, though) for a future Sew News article. The next is a bowling themed fabric for Easton a Bowling Shirt – he’s excited for me to make one, although he is now asking for bowling shoes to go with it. The next two are Hello Kitty prints for Taylor – one is a woven and one is a stretch… eventually I will get around to working on some pajamas and a bag for her (maybe birthday presents?). The last is a Space Invader style print that I had intended on using for a swap themed item for my partner, but I’ve since changed my mind on what I’m going to sew up for her. More on that later…. I think I’ll just hang on to this fabric for awhile, my inner geek really likes this print!

With spring in the air (well, briefly in the air here, it’s cold again today), what has everyone else been gearing up to make?

Linky Friday

Sew Daily is a new community from Interweave (the same folks who publish Stitch). Not only do they have a regularly updated blog, but a forum, and free patterns & e-books!

Cute and easy to make, chalkboard name tags.

Make some pint-sized chaps for your little cowgirlboy. I love these!

Because I too can not resist the urge to talk about Charlie Sheen.

Remember those origami purses (asymmetrical handles that you intertwined when you wore the strap) that were so popular a few years ago? Now you can make a lunch bag in the same style.

Here’s a chance to win a copy of Re-Sew, another interesting looking book on turning thrift store items and turning them it something new and fabulous.

Of all the tablete-reader sleeves I’ve seen, this one has to be my favorite (I think it’s the tabbed buttons). Now I just need an iPad to fill it with!

Who knew recycled shirt jewelry could be so beautiful?

Yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd. That is why I find these DIY wands so awesome!

I have a friend that will be having a baby this fall which means I’m on the lookout for new items to make. This diaper wipe cover will probably be one of them.

Always wanted to be a fabric designer? This could be your chance!

It’s almost summer which means it’s totebeach bag season! Here’s a few to get you started: The pleated tote and easy tote bag.

A monster hooded towel could make bathtime even more fun!

I love this tutorial not just because the duffel is awesome, but that photo is so darn cute! They’re also doing a great retro duffel deluxe fort kit giveaway as well.

After my “Keep Me Warm” swap, I’ve become addicted to cute coffee sleeves. Here’s an easy one you can make for yourself.

Hobby horses must be making a comeback because this is the 3rd or 4th one I’ve seen recently.

What Could It Be?

Sometimes, I get so excited to work on a project, I just have to get started immediately. I seem to do my best sewingdesigningwriting when my creative juices are flowing and have learned that I need to jump on that motivation before it’s gone (and moved to a new and different project). Consequently, I skipped today’s Linky Thursday post and spent last night sewing up the items you see on the left (I intend on making one more this weekend). I know, it’s elusive, but you’ll be able to see the final designs in the next issue of Sew It All magazine! (Actually, those items are a result of numerous prototypes that I created over the weekend – after 5 or 6 pattern designs and tweaks (maybe more, I lost count) I finally came up with one that I was happy with.)

Now that the pattern is nailed down, the models are sewn, and the instructions are drafted, I’m spending the evening in front of the t.v. and surfing the web! You can expect a Linky Thursday Friday post sometime tomorrow morning. In the mean time, feel free to take guesses at what you think the photo might be.

Celebrity Sewing

Alright, so it may have been just a ‘pageant dad’ skit on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, but I’m still going to blog that Tom Hanks ‘used’ a sewing machine (about 30 minutes into the show)! This, of course, means that I like him even more (not to mention the fact that he did a great parody of Toddlers and Tiaras). Thanks to Kathy for pointing it out to me!

On a ‘real’ sewing note – did anyone catch Heather Ross on the Martha Stewart show? If not, here’s a great clip on how to make a super easy pair of baby bloomers. My favorite part? How easy those little leg ruffles are made with just a bit of elastic thread!

Spring Rains

Eventually, the snow will stop, the temperatures will rise, and we’ll start into spring storms. This year I’m getting prepared, this year, I’m making a raincoat. I’ve thought about it in the past, especially when Amy Butler released her Rainy Days pattern, but I never fell in love with a material to make it. Last week, I stopped in Sew Much – she had an adorable display of jewel toned Supplex jackets and I decided that was the fabric I wanted to work with. I also decided to use Tula Pink Parisville for the interior – those wigged ladies just called to me, plus the greens match perfectly! Now I just need to clear my ‘to do list’ to make room for this project – where’s a snow day when you need one?

By the way, anyone ever work with Supplex before? This is a new-to-me material and didn’t know if there were any special tricks for working with it.