All In One

I managed to finish NapKitten’s All-In-One wallet over the weekend. I wound up changing the front a bit. The original design is patchwork and I preferred an all over look – this was fairly easy since several pages into the directions for the front, the final dimensions of the finished (patchwork) piece were given. I also changed how I inserted the back zipper – I thought my own method (it’s the same one that I use for the Box Bag Tutorial) was a lot easier. So here it is: front, inside, and the entire wallet closed:

Overall this was a pretty good pattern to work with. The directions are thorough and there are photographs for each step – so this is definitely a fine pattern to try if you’re a beginner. The only criticism that I have about this pattern is that all the pieces are cut at each step. I know that this is done because there are so many pieces that it might be hard to keep track of them all, but it really disrupted the ‘flow’ of sewing. The best part, however, is that everything fits in this wallet perfectly and it looks good to boot!