Key Fob

I haven’t quite finished with my wallet, but I decided to go ahead and make a quick ‘matching’ item to go along with it…. a key fob! I love making these things – they are incredibly easy to make and they always make a nice accompaniment when you’re sewing up a purse. Unfortunately, this is my last one and I’m not quite sure where to buy more. I’ve never been able to find them with purse hardware locally and I purchased this round from The Fabric Fairy. Does anyone have a good resource for these?

6 thoughts on “Key Fob

  1. kelly

    I’ve ordered from bagladyofsc on etsy before. Good prices, fast shipping, nice quality. She has an ebay shop, too, but under a slightly different name.


  2. Amanda Calloway

    Crafters Vision is where I purchased mine. They are really quick with shipping and have good prices. Since then I have looked at some on etsy too and prices are good.

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