Wallet, Pt. 1

Several posts back I mentioned that I had purchased a pattern for checkbookwallet from NapKitten. I was excited about this project so I decided to go ahead and start to work. Since the exterior calls for a heavier weight fabric I decided to use an Amy Butler print – this one happens to be one of my favorites and I think it works with my swap partner’s tastes as well. I’ve managed to make my way through constructing the interior (card slots, zippered pouch, and checkbook holder) and the photo on the right gives you an idea of my progress.

So what are my initial thoughts about this pattern? Overall it’s fairly well written – I did get confused on how the card pockets were supposed to be folded, but once I got through it everything else has been a breeze. There are lots of photographs that accompany the steps so even if you’re a beginner, you should be able to follow everything without a lot of problems. The only thing that I haven’t cared for is cutting…. it’s done as you go. This pattern actually has quite a few pieces, however, instead of labeling them, it’s cut at each step so you don’t get confused.

I believe the hardest part is over – the only thing I have left is the exterior and a zippered pocket. I intend on modifying this part a bit since the original instructions have you making a patchwork version and then I think I’ll whip up a matching key fob!

6 thoughts on “Wallet, Pt. 1

  1. Cindy

    Her designs are really cute. I see at least 3 things I want to make right now! Thanks for the review! (your project photo is not displaying right now).

    1. stacy

      I fixed it – the photo just didn’t make it onto the new server!

      She really does have some cute patterns – I may break down and get one of her purses too.

  2. Karen

    I can’t find where to get the pattern you are using… what am I missing? I went to the link, but all I see is the blog, not where to buy the pattern. Is there a particular name for this pattern? She seems to have pictures for several different wallets.
    Thanks… I’m feeling dumb now!

  3. Beth

    Stacy, what type of Amy Butler fabric did you use? I know it’s a heavier weight, but what specifically?

    I’m working on my first Kwik Sew pattern and LOVE it; the instructions are excellent.

    1. Stacy

      It was from her Nigella line – it’s called Wood Fern. I liked the design so much I have this color and a brownteal combination in my stash.

      Which Kwik Sew pattern are you using?

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