Snack Swap & How To Host A House Party

Quite some time ago, I joined an International Snack swap. Unfortunately, my partner decided to flake on me, but the organizer of this one found a wonderful angel for me. I totally feel spoiled as she sent a huge package filled with lots of goodies and beautifully sewn projects!

I won’t go through all the goodies, but wanted to point out the adorable apron she made – it’s so pretty I almost don’t want to wear it in fear that I’ll mess it up. I really like the design of this one too – I’m going to have to remember it next time I’m in some sort of apron swap. She also made some really cute finger puppets – of course, Easton snagged those up as soon as he saw them.

I also received an email from Simplicity this week about their upcoming Sew Very Easy House Parties over Mother’s Day weekend. Hosting one of these events not only gives you the opportunity to try out the Singer Confidence Stylist machine (with an opportunity to by it at a discounted rate), but also receive an exclusive sewing project, and swag for you and your guests. Interested in hosting one of these parties for yourself? Check here to see if you’re an eligible host then fill out this questionnaire. If you decide to do this, let me know how it goes (and what kinds of goodies you got)!

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