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One of the best parts about a swap is ‘partner day’. In most swaps, you are paired up as a ‘group’ and once partners are announced, you ‘stalk’ the individual (look at their previous posts, websites, ‘wishlists’, pour over their questionnaire, etc.) and ask lots of questions, etc. to help you nail down what you’ll be making for that person. The Crafty Detective Swap, however, has a twist. You’re paired up with someone and aren’t allowed to reveal who you are until you send the package. This makes for lots of ‘stalking’ possibilities (also a favorite part). Since partners were announced last night, I’ve spent the entire evening surfing the web and I think I’ve nailed down what I might be making:

A checkbookwallet – this was high on my partner’s list of ‘wishlist’ items. While the project sounds like there would be patternstutorials galore, I was astounded that I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. Originally, I was going to make The Fashion Checkbook Clutch from Amy Butler‘s book Style Stitches, but decided that the designshape of the wallet just wasn’t going to work with the (potential) fabric choices. After tossing around several more pattern ideas, I turned to etsy and found 3 patterns (all from the same designer) that would work remarkably well. I’ve settled on the Allinone Wallet. If this pattern works out well, I may also try others by the same designer – I really liked several other projects and wouldn’t mind making a few things for myself. On a side note, for any of you that like to sell items in your etsy shop, she allows you to sell items made from her patterns.

A boxbag! This was something that was high on her wishlists – as soon as I saw it I knew that was something I had to make her.

The thirdfourth project is up in the air and will largely be dependent on what fabrics I am able to find (I would consider it a ‘score’ if I stumble across Harry Potter themed fabric or Alexander Henry ‘tattoo’) or if something ‘inspires’ me while I’m out shopping. Currently the ideas bouncing around in my head include: stenciled shirt, pursebag, a Harry Potter Sorting Hat, a fun reconstructed shirt. I’m headed to Hobby Lobby today so we’ll see if I come home for this swap!

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