Burnout Tee

For quite some time, I’ve been itching to make a burnout tee. Back in October I purchased some abstract rayon specifically for this project. Unfortunately, I’m just now getting around to sewing it up. For this project, I decided to use one of my favorite patterns, Jalie 2805 – although I had to re-trace the pattern since I last used it… since having Easton, my size has gone up and down which is really throwing a wrench into consistent pattern sizes and alterations.

Since I’ve reviewed this pattern LOTS of times, I’ll sum it up by saying that this is one of my favorite TNT (Tried ‘n True) patterns that consistently gives great results. The fabric, however, really gave me fits. Not only did I experience the ‘curling’ that a jersey has a tendency to do, but the fabric ‘stuck’ to itself something horrible (think beyond static cling. In fact, you can see how the sleeve is bunched up in the photo to the right). In fact it was so bad, I spent much of my sewing time fighting with the fabric to keep it from sticking to itself. I got tired enough of battling with it that I decided to skip hemming all together and leave the edges raw… and thankfully it works with this pattern. Even though the fabric had it’s issues, it was worth the effort as I totally love the finished look – even Bret commented on how much he liked it (and the fabric)… although, I’m just not sure I’ll be using the left-over material for anything else.

Project Details:

Jalie 2805


Abstract Rayon Burnout from Fabric.com

Materials & Cost:

2 thoughts on “Burnout Tee

  1. bernadette

    The T looks really good. The fabric is a pain, isn’t it? I gave away a 3 -yd piece of similar burnout, in a color I loved, (off a sale table) because I could not imagine getting it to behave. So kudos to you on getting it done!

    One trick I use all winter to tame static cling and sticky fabrics is to rub hand lotion on my hands, leaving a little extra on then and then wiping my hands gently over the surface of the cloth. Cheaper than antistatic sprays.

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