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Linky Thursday

This quick and easy tote can be made in 20 minutes. Now that’s instant gratification!

Need a new wallet? This Card Condo is perfect for keeping all your credit cards and cash in check.

The older Easton gets, the more I appreciate toys that don’t do ‘everything’ and use your imagination. This contest helps get you the toys that fit that bill: Win a $50 at Heirloom Toys

I’m really getting into indy pattern designers and when there’s a giveaway, it’s even better! Here’s a contest to win a Figgy Pattern.

Send your child off to school with this cute oil cloth lined lunch bag. Best of all, it’s the perfect fit for Lunchables!

This necklace instantly reminded me of Project Runway when Uli made something similar in the ‘use all your fabric’ challenge.

A really nice Bath Bomb tutorial. I’ve made these in the past… my only tip: Don’t use dye (especially red) – what a mess in the tub afterward!
I honestly didn’t know you could pop popcorn in your microwave if it wasn’t already in one of those microwave bags. Now I’m going to have to try this: Microwave Kettle Corn.

A quick how-to on glass etching.

Get a jump on spring sewing if you win one of these copies of SewStylish!

A perfect way to keep your desk tidy, an oilcloth, zippered pencil case.

If Easton would only keep slippers and socks so I could make hi a pair of cozy Dragon Slippers.

Crafty Detective

One of the best parts about a swap is ‘partner day’. In most swaps, you are paired up as a ‘group’ and once partners are announced, you ‘stalk’ the individual (look at their previous posts, websites, ‘wishlists’, pour over their questionnaire, etc.) and ask lots of questions, etc. to help you nail down what you’ll be making for that person. The Crafty Detective Swap, however, has a twist. You’re paired up with someone and aren’t allowed to reveal who you are until you send the package. This makes for lots of ‘stalking’ possibilities (also a favorite part). Since partners were announced last night, I’ve spent the entire evening surfing the web and I think I’ve nailed down what I might be making:
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Project Bag

I love getting crafty things in the mail – especially when they are contest prizes! I recently (alright sometime back in November, but I somehow missed the notification) won a cute little Dritz Project Bag from Arrow Sewing Cabinets and it arrived yesterday. I guess I should take this as a hint I need to enroll in a class soon so I have a project to fill it with! Speaking of projects, I’ve begun laying out my next sewing item: A St. Patty’s Day Candy Cauldron. My neighbor’s mom asked me to make one for her and I happily obliged! Besides, the extra money can help fund my new ‘wishlist’ – not only have some of my favorite online fabric stores come out with new, fabulous material, but the spring issues of Mrs. Stylebook and Female are out and I love them both. *Sigh* so many wonderful projects and just not enough time!


So much of what I’ve been working on over the weekend are things that I can’t show you…. yet. Most of my energy has been devoted to writing and creating samples for an upcoming article – which I’m very excited about. Actually, what excites me most are the projects that I worked on that accompany the text. They were fun to create and I love the way they turned out… plus it gave the me the opportunity to add some fun embellishment techniques which I don’t always get to do (the photo on the right).

Now it’s back to ‘regularly scheduled’ sewing… oh yes, and a new swap.

Fabric And Marshmallows

Besides snow days and kids coming down the a nasty virus, this week has been dedicated to sewing up tutorials and article samples. Consequently, I haven’t had much dedicated time to sewing for ‘myself’. However, with everything (hopefully) wrapping up this week, I’ve done some planning for some future projects. First off: two new HotPatterns! I am a sucker for jackets and their Agostini Moto Jacket ‘called to me’. It’s so sleek and cool looking that I really have to make it for spring. They also released a nice bag pattern as well – seeing that I also have a penchant for purses as well, I nabbed that pattern too! Of course, new patterns (usually) means fabric shopping so I stopped by FabricMart for some of their leather skins – I’ve been looking for an excuse to work with some pink leather (I also picked up this ITY tie dye knit) and I think that I’ll start with the bag.

In non-sewing news, I finally broke down and made my own marshmallows (I used this recipe that I posted here)! I found it to be an incredibly messy process and definitely not a kid friendly activity, but the results are tasty! Even though there’s a lot of sugarsweetener involved, I found these marshmallows to be less sweet than the commercial variety and get wonderfully gooey and melty in a cup of hot chocolate. I’m thinking they would be absolutely exquisite dipped in chocolate.

Linky Thursday on Friday

One of my favorite projects from Simply Sublime is now available on Martha Stewart: Hot Lips Pillow.

A new, free Hot Pattern up at Crepe Suzette Circular Clutch

Let your little ones carry their own essentials with this toddler backpack.

Valentine’s Day Tick-Tac-Toe game.

A FANTASTIC giveaway including some of the best sewing books, notions, and fabric too!

Love owls? These have to be some of the cutest I’ve seen.

Win a craft night party for you and 10 of your friends – including food and crafting tools!

I know that the ‘fork as a bracelet’ is sort of over, but I’m in love with this tutorial (and just in time for Valentine’s Day):Turn two vintage forks into a gorgeous bracelet.

Never know what to do with those jelly rolls? Why not make one of these pretty basket liners? Now the real question is: Where can I get that cool basket?

Transforming a shirt into necklace.

Issue 4 of Through the Needle is up – get it free here (or pay for a print issue at Hancock Fabrics).

Baby it’s cold outside! Warm up with a DIY hot chocolate mix and marshmallows to go with it.

Win a copy of Bari J’s Inspired to Sew and a Full Bloom fabric bundle!

Considering that I have one of the world’s pickiest eaters in my house, you’d be surprised to find out that he loves sushi. I think I’ll plan a sushi night, complete with faux sushi rolls for dessert.

A cute way to use up some of that rick-rack hiding in your stash.

Pretzel Day

I know most of you are dropping by for Linky Thursday, but ‘mommy duties’ have called the past several days and I’ve been unable to put together the post. Unfortunately, both kids are now sick with a nasty virus(?) that seems to hang on for days (Taylor is on Day 4) – to top it off we had another snow day so it seems as if sewing (or just having time for a long post) just hasn’t been in the cards. One thing I did do, however, was bake up a batch of homemade pretzels. Several weeks ago, I picked up an Auntie Anne’s at-home baking kit and thought it might perk the kids up (not to mention get them to eat something). I made the whole process easier by using the dough cycle on my bread machine. After it was finished rising, I sectioned it off into 10 strips and rolled them into shape – let me say, they make it look much easier when you watch them at the store… the photo on the right is the best of the bunch, most looked like bows. Even though they didn’t look as pretty as the store bought versions, I’ve got to say, they tasted exactly like Auntie Anne’s!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some fun links – I’m making time tonight to post them!

Spring Blythe

Since my experience with the Simplicity Blythe clothing pattern didn’t go as well as I had expected, I decided to crack open the Dolly Coordinate Recipe Book (10) and try my hand at one of the easier looking patterns. I opted for a simple, embellished dress pattern. For it, I used a sheer botanical, sparkle print from Joann’s that was in my stash and small, white lace trim I had picked up at the last Hobby Lobby sale. The pattern itself was simple with only 3 pattern pieces so figuring out how to construct this one was fairly easy (there is a numbered, illustration at the top of the page that gives some hits as to the sewing order – I didn’t use it and think my method may have been a bit easier than theirs). I think it went pretty well, although I found tiny details like creating darts (especially on this slippery fabric) a little difficult – next time I’ll remember to ‘tie off’ the ends of the dart and any gathered skirts so they stay in place. Overall, I like the finished result (I’m thinking it looks ‘summery’ especially on a very snowy day like today), but I still have a lot to learn about perfecting my miniature sewing skills.

Mystery Project

I’m beginning to think Phil might have been wrong about spring being right around the corner – I’m looking out my window at the moment watching the snow come down…. again. Fortunately, I stocked up on (sewing) supplies and am ready for our next snow day(s). What’s on the list? A new tutorial for The Sewing Republic. I drafted up some instructions and tested them out… now to make a final version! I may even have to make a few extras for the kids. Hummmmm, I wonder what it could be?


Even though I don’t have the opportunity to wear a lot of dresses, I still like hosiery. I stumbled across this article last night about “What Your Legs Say About You” and thought it was an ‘interesting’ read. Since I (generally) don’t work anymore, I’m not as concerned about the work environment and tend to lean toward ‘fun’ tights… I also thought about how to create my own look by trying my hand at tattoo tights (I have also seen tutorials that use a large cardboard tube so that you’re not drawing on yourself). Of course, after seeing their artwork, I decided that maybe my drawing skills weren’t up to par and that I should just stick to sewing. Keeping that in mind, I found this tutorial for making your own – although I still think I’m partial to this Jalie pattern, instead.