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All In One

I managed to finish NapKitten’s All-In-One wallet over the weekend. I wound up changing the front a bit. The original design is patchwork and I preferred an all over look – this was fairly easy since several pages into the directions for the front, the final dimensions of the finished (patchwork) piece were given. I also changed how I inserted the back zipper – I thought my own method (it’s the same one that I use for the Box Bag Tutorial) was a lot easier. So here it is: front, inside, and the entire wallet closed:

Overall this was a pretty good pattern to work with. The directions are thorough and there are photographs for each step – so this is definitely a fine pattern to try if you’re a beginner. The only criticism that I have about this pattern is that all the pieces are cut at each step. I know that this is done because there are so many pieces that it might be hard to keep track of them all, but it really disrupted the ‘flow’ of sewing. The best part, however, is that everything fits in this wallet perfectly and it looks good to boot!

Key Fob

I haven’t quite finished with my wallet, but I decided to go ahead and make a quick ‘matching’ item to go along with it…. a key fob! I love making these things – they are incredibly easy to make and they always make a nice accompaniment when you’re sewing up a purse. Unfortunately, this is my last one and I’m not quite sure where to buy more. I’ve never been able to find them with purse hardware locally and I purchased this round from The Fabric Fairy. Does anyone have a good resource for these?

Mystery Box

It’s been a long time since I ordered from Fabric Mart. However, I was lured by the discounted pink leather that they had in stock and I have to say now that it’s arrived, I am not disappointed – it really is gorgeous (beautiful color, extremely soft and pliable). While I was filling up my cart I managed to sneak in a mystery notions bundle… ever wanted to know what might be inside one? Here’s what I got:

Several spools of thread, two different kinds of elastic, trims, a burgundy lining material, a few iron on appliques, satin ribbon, a few lacy collar inserts, and…… a walking foot! Not bad for $8!

As for the walking foot, I have several (one for each of my machines and one extra that I already had on hand). Is there anyone out there that needs one? This appears to be an older notion labeled Quilter’s Choice – it also comes with 2 quilting bars (so you can keep your lines perfectly measured).

Linky Thursday

A great tutorial on how to make photorealistic gadget pouches.

Learn how to use your cricut to make a 3 dimensional fabric flower (or download the template to make yours by hand)!

Because tooth fairy pillows for boys don’t have to be boring.

Make your next pair of pants wide legged.

A new Sew Forth Now podcast is up! And I love Lori’s Mighty Aphrodite top, too.

A nice little triangle bag with one of the easiest ways to insert the zipper!

A pillow even the guys can love – one that holds your remotes. I never understood the need for these until we got our latest tv and speakers…. now we have 3 remotes surrounding us at all times. Maybe this should be my next project!

I’ve seen a lot of tops paired with belts lately. Learn how to make your own belts to wear with this spring’s fashions.

Learn how to make your own realistic looking paper daffodils.

Create a DYI curtain closet to hide your belongings.

I’m a sucker for messenger style bags and anything with a grommet. This bag covers it both – and I love it!

A cute way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and stay warm – Pot o’Gold Rainbow Scarf.

Learn how to make a Vintage Circle Bolero – unbelievably easy!

Wallet, Pt. 1

Several posts back I mentioned that I had purchased a pattern for checkbookwallet from NapKitten. I was excited about this project so I decided to go ahead and start to work. Since the exterior calls for a heavier weight fabric I decided to use an Amy Butler print – this one happens to be one of my favorites and I think it works with my swap partner’s tastes as well. I’ve managed to make my way through constructing the interior (card slots, zippered pouch, and checkbook holder) and the photo on the right gives you an idea of my progress.

So what are my initial thoughts about this pattern? Overall it’s fairly well written – I did get confused on how the card pockets were supposed to be folded, but once I got through it everything else has been a breeze. There are lots of photographs that accompany the steps so even if you’re a beginner, you should be able to follow everything without a lot of problems. The only thing that I haven’t cared for is cutting…. it’s done as you go. This pattern actually has quite a few pieces, however, instead of labeling them, it’s cut at each step so you don’t get confused.

I believe the hardest part is over – the only thing I have left is the exterior and a zippered pocket. I intend on modifying this part a bit since the original instructions have you making a patchwork version and then I think I’ll whip up a matching key fob!

Keep Me Warm

I already knew that Taylor loved my swapping habit, but even at 2, Easton likes when mom gets a package. In fact, he likes it so much, he’s thrown himself into the photo of my latest package from my Keep Me Warm swap partner:

Inside this package was a reusable mug and pretty little cozy (she even sent me the rest of the material, woot!), a knitted infinity scarf (I like this color too because it reminds me of Knitty’s Hallowig), coffee, teas, and Godiva chocolate. I think after my children picked the package apart, I was left with the drinks (although Easton says he likes coffee) and the cozy… maybe I’ll open my next box in secret.

Pot Of Gold

There’s just a few projects that I don’t mind making repeatedly – these Candy Cauldrons are one of them. This particular treat bucket was requested by my neighbor’s mom who wanted it to be St. Patrick’s Day themed. Overall, I’m surprised at how much I like this project. I just wasn’t thrilled about the fabric initially, but after it was all put together, it looks like a little pot of gold. I always find it surprising at how material changes once it’s constructed.

As a side note, comments in this thread will be temporarily turned off. My site is currently in the process of being transferred to a new server so comments might get lost during the change. In the mean time, if you have a question, comment, etc. feel free to send me an email!

If you are seeing this, you are looking at the new server and the comments are open.

Snack Swap & How To Host A House Party

Quite some time ago, I joined an International Snack swap. Unfortunately, my partner decided to flake on me, but the organizer of this one found a wonderful angel for me. I totally feel spoiled as she sent a huge package filled with lots of goodies and beautifully sewn projects!

I won’t go through all the goodies, but wanted to point out the adorable apron she made – it’s so pretty I almost don’t want to wear it in fear that I’ll mess it up. I really like the design of this one too – I’m going to have to remember it next time I’m in some sort of apron swap. She also made some really cute finger puppets – of course, Easton snagged those up as soon as he saw them.

I also received an email from Simplicity this week about their upcoming Sew Very Easy House Parties over Mother’s Day weekend. Hosting one of these events not only gives you the opportunity to try out the Singer Confidence Stylist machine (with an opportunity to by it at a discounted rate), but also receive an exclusive sewing project, and swag for you and your guests. Interested in hosting one of these parties for yourself? Check here to see if you’re an eligible host then fill out this questionnaire. If you decide to do this, let me know how it goes (and what kinds of goodies you got)!

Box Bag

Not only did I manage to squeeze in a bit of sewing yesterday, but I crossed of one item off my latest swap to do list – a box bag! I searched high and low for the same fabric use for the one on her wish list, but came up empty handed. The material that I did use closely resembled it, so I nabbed it as soon as I saw it. I used a fun zebra print for the lining and doubled the amount of interfacing that I normally use (two layers of woven – one on the lining and one on the exterior print) and really like the results. It’s firm, but not stiff…. I’ll have to remember that combination!