Sew Tina

I love Tina Givens work. She has one of those distinctive styles that you can always point out – whether it’s a fabric or a pattern. I was originally a little hesitant getting her book, Sew Tina! because I was afraid it would lean too much toward girl’s only patterns, but when I would told I won the book, I certainly couldn’t turn it down!

While a majority of the clothing items in this book are geared toward girls, I was pleasantly surprised that there were a few just for the boys (tunic & shorts, button down shirt, and a baby lounge suit… although I suspect that you could make this for a girl as well). A majority of the accessories can easily be adapted for either sex and some would be downright fun to make for an adult as well – because the playdate tote, lion applique cushion, and flying pig are too cute to keep just for the kids. The instructions seem clear and are accompanied by illustrations for each step and the book itself is spiral bound – a ‘must’ in my opinion when dealing with a project book this large (Sew Tina contains 30 items). I only had two drawbacks with this book: 1) Although there are some full size-patterns included in this book, some (along with all the templates) will need enlarging – something to look out for before cutting out your pattern, 2) While I understnad that part of Tina’s style is producing ‘free-flowing’, loose fitting garments, I was dissappointed to see that there wasn’t any fitted garments included… sometimes I just like to see that there’s a kid underneath all that fabric. With that said, Sew Tina! is pure eye-candy – everything about it is eye-catching: the photography, the fabrics, and the projects. It just inspires you to make something – in fact, I’m itching to sew up a Chef Hat and a Moses Basket (after I find out if my best friend is having a boy or a girl)!

The Bottom Line: A book true to Tina’s style and design, Sew Tina! is fun and whimsical although probably geared more towards those with little girls.