Simplicity For Blythe

As some of you may know, I am a recent Blythe owner. Even though my doll came with some wonderful stock, every Blythe doll deserves an awesome wardrobe. This, of course, means that you must occasionally suffer through a review of a doll pattern (or two). Today is one of those days. Today, it’s Simplicity 2353.

To be honest, this pattern is part of the reason I decided to ‘go for’ buying one of these dolls. While I’ve longed for a Blythe for several years now, I never took the plunge because I was intimidated by small sewing. However, I figured that if Simplicity came out with a pattern (the only US company so far to do so), then their instructions would be good enough to work me though my ‘miniature phobia’. I decided on View A – the hoodie and long socks. That, is where the happy story ends. This particular view is a hot mess. Let’s start with the socks – they are unbelievably simple yet there’s no finishing. I know this is a doll – chances are no children will be playing with it and it’s made from a knit so it won’t fray, but still – put a hem on the edge to make it look clean! The same goes for the hoodie – all the edges are raw (the exception to this is the hood area) and to top it off, they have you using a zipper for a closure…. on a knit…. unstabilized. That’s just bad technique.

I have no idea what the rest of the patterns are like – after this disaster (it looks fine in the photos, but if you could see it in person….) I just packed it all back inside the envelope and put it aside. I think I’ll give my Doll Coordinate Book a try before I decide to come back to this one – it looks as if this pattern needs some tweaking.

3 thoughts on “Simplicity For Blythe

  1. Blakely

    I don’t understand Simplicity’s thoughts on putting zippers in such small garments. They do the same thing for childrens clothing when buttons or snaps would look better.

  2. sharon

    I sewed Barbie clothes for years and years and years. Also sewed clothing for the tiny little Charlie Angels dolls back in the 70s – so if you need tips shoot me an email. I think she’s adorable and after seeing yours I’m planning on buying one for my sewing studio.

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