The Great Closet Purge

One of my ‘resolutions’ for the new year was to go though my closet – something I haven’t done in years. I dreaded doing it not just because it’s such an undertaking, but also because it means parting with items I’ve sewn for myself. This weekend I mustered up the willpower and performed what I call, “The Great Closet Purge of 2011”. Once I got started, it got easier saying ‘goodbye’ to some of my favorite projects (because after pulling them out it was obvious that they were out of style – either by the style, shirt length, or even the fabric). Now that things are cleared out, I was able to do a wardrobe assessment to see what I ‘need’.

Probably what I need most are shirts – casual and ‘dressy’. Perhaps this year I’ll opt to make a few less trendy ones and stick with some that are more ‘timeless’. Secondly, shorts. I probably won’t be sewing that many for myself, but I won’t rule it out if I find a great pattern this spring. Next, dresses – the casual kind. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear ‘dressy dresses’, but would love some casual ones to wear out on ‘date night’ or just something quick and comfortable to throw on when heading to the store.

So, what does that all mean? Pattern shopping! I started off by picking up Simplicity 2250 – although Taylor saw it and claimed it as her own. I wonder how she’d feel about mommydaughter dresses at her age?

6 thoughts on “The Great Closet Purge

  1. Beth

    LOL! That pattern is a bit short for me (oh the joys of being in my 50s!). I hope you can dovetail it into both a mom and a daughter dress pattern. : )

  2. JJ

    Yeah. I have the pattern. And some awesome teal shantung for a dressy version of view A. I just cut out the pattern pieces tonight (ALL 16 OF THEM) and have a feeling it’s going to be some crazy work. There are tons of darts, pleats, folds, a casing for elastic on the top back (where it looks like ruffles…) but the way it is “finished” on the inside is super professional. Crossed fingers…

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