Double The Fun

Several weeks ago, I blogged about a new pattern up on The Sewing Republic website – The Infinity Scarf. After talking to my latest swap partner, I discovered this was a design that she really wanted – which gave me the perfect excuse to make one! In fact, this scarf is so cute and so easy, I made it twice!

I debated on what fabric to use. While my partner had linked to several ‘inspirational’ scarves that were made of some cute print, fleece, I really wanted to make her a scarf that looked like it had been ‘hand knit’. I searched my stash and came across a cream and gold cable knit material I had purchased from two years ago. Besides the fact that it looks like someone knitted it, it’s thin enough and has great drape – perfect for this design.

The first scarf I made was exactly the length described in the tutorial. The second version I made much longer – so that it can be wrapped around your neck twice (to keep you warmer) or left longer for a completely different look (when I see people wearing these out, they are generally long). I think that they both look great, but a word of caution: if you chose to make the longer version you need to be very careful as to the thickness of the material you’re using – if you get to heavy of a material, the scarf will lose it’s drapiness and it could very possibly add some unnecessary bulk to your midsection or look like you’re wearing a baby sling.