Snow Day

Snow day #2 is afoot – not just because of all the snow we received Monday, but because of our frigged wind chills (it’s almost 9 am and it’s still feels like -15 below). For most, snow days means productive sewing, but for me, it seems as if home bound children make for less time crafting. I have managed to put up a new article on Sewing Machine maintenance on BurdaStyle – with so many people beginning to take interest in home sewing and teaching themselves how to do it, it’s a good way to make sure everyone is taking care of their equipment. It’s also a great reminder to everyone else (because if you’re like me, you sometimes want to skip all the cleaning and just hop into the next project). Here’s a few tips that I put up on the site:

Change your needles often. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your machine working properly (not to mention keep your fabric from becoming ruined). A good rule of thumb is to change your needle after 8-10 hours of sewing or if it has become damaged.

Clean your machine after each project
. Even if you’re not working with a particularly ‘messy’ fabric, small particles of lint can still work their way throughout your machine. Use a small brush to clean areas such as feed dogs (removing the face plate will help in cleaning thoroughly) and bobbin case. Compressed air can be used to clean areas such as tension disks, but never blow into your machine – the moisture from your breath can cause the metal in your sewing machine to rust or corrode.

Oil your machine as recommended by your manual (some machines are self-lubricating and will not need oiling). Use small drops and only oil designed for sewing machines.

Tighten loose screws.

Keep your machine covered when not in use. This will prevent dust, hair, lint from entering your machine.

Have your machine serviced by a professional every two years. Not only will they thoroughly clean your machine, they will check for loose or broken parts, adjust the timing (if necessary) and keep your machine running smoothly for years!

Speaking of machine maintenance, today, I plan on venturing in the sewing room and attempting to change the blade in my serger myself (I did this with my previous machine, but this is the first time I’ll be doing it with my new one, YIKES). Wish me luck – I’d love to be able to do this myself and not have to take it into the shop!