Sunday Sling

Here it is, the first ‘big’ project of 2011, The Reversible Sunday Sling! As far a bag patterns go, this is a fairly simple one to construct – there are no snaps or zippers to contend with, but at the same time, you have a finished tote with a nice shape and some cute details. The instructions are easy to follow. However, I will admit, the pleats on the mail panel of the bag caused me some confusion. In part this was due to my “helper” (a.k.a. Easton) distracting me with dancing and Guitar Hero moves, but it was also in part to the illustration provided because it looked as if I should fold and measure more than what was really intended (doing this caused my pleats to be ‘off center’ and too large)… of course if I would have read the directions more clearly, I would have seen that I was doing it wrong! Once I realized my mistake and corrected my problem, it was smooth sailing. It’s a good thing too because the procedure for creating pleats is repeated several times throughout construction.

The only modification that I made to this pattern was eliminating the cell phone pocket. After starting on it, I discovered that it was going to be too small for my phone design (I have a Blackberry) and decided to just scrap it – the reverse side of the bag already has 4 large pockets and I figured one of them would be good enough to house my phone in it’s case. Overall I love this bag: it’s large (I used the small pattern), but not HUGE, it has cute design elements (I love the pleating on the main panels and side pockets and handle design), lots of pockets, and, best of all, it’s reversible so you get two bags in one!

Project Details:

Amy Butler’s Reversible Sunday Sling


Two Anthology Fabrics from Sew Much

Materials & Cost:

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    1. Stacy

      There are a number of retailers online that sell Amy Butler patterns as well as eBay and Etsy shops. You may be able to find that some of your local stores or quilt shops carry her patterns as well.

      Hope that helps!

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