New Design For The New Year

If you logged in yesterday, you may have noticed a radical change – a new site design! I thought I would take a moment to walk you through some of the changes because they are vastly different:

On the top, right-hand portion of the screen are links to my RSS feed and to my Twitter page. Just a warning, I don’t always discuss sewing when I tweet! You’ll also find the search function, an ‘about’ page, and link to my Etsy shop (which is currently empty) right under that.

Links (which need updating, badly) appear on the top, left-hand portion of the site right under the Stacy Sews banner. At some point during the year, I will go through them and update.

Categories have remained the same. Clicking on them will take you to all the posts that have recently appeared in that group. Projects from this year (2011) appear under ‘Categories’ and will continue to contain information on fabrics, pattern(s), cost, etc. Previous year’s projects are in the drop-down menu – currently the costfabric information is not listed, but will eventually move over in the coming weeks. There is also a ‘monthly’ feature which is pretty self explanatory (you can also use the ‘older posts’ button at the bottom of the page for more recent posts that have moved off the main page).

Featured posts is a new element to Stacy Sews. It is ‘scrolling’ content that has appeared on the site at some point in time. As new, completed projects or tutorials are up, I plan on placing them here as well as in the actual post themselves.

The posts look very similar: The number of comments to each entry appear on the right (if there are no comments, no ‘bubble’ will appear). Clicking on the title to the entry or the comment number bubble(if there is one) will allow you to leave a message. You will now need to use a CAPTCHA code before submitting – hopefully this will cut down on the spam my site has been receiving.

Lastly, if you ever want to send me a message, show off your work, ask a question, or share a great sitelinkproject my email appears at the very bottom of the page.

I think that’s it! Many, many, many thanks go out to my husband who spent countless hours creating this new look and putting up with my critiques, dealing with the frustrations of a new program, and the headaches of converting all my old entries – I think he did a great job!

10 thoughts on “New Design For The New Year

  1. Peggy Lipsey

    I like the colors of your website. When I read on google reader that you were getting a new design I was kind of hoping the dolls would be gone. I don’t know why but they kind of creep me out. Don’t mind me though, I’m scared to death of clowns too.

    1. Stacy

      I think the dolls creep Taylor out too – not as badly as the display head that I keep in my sewing room… Oddly enough, she’s scared of clowns too!

  2. bernadette

    The new site, though not as refreshingly minimalist as the old one, which I really liked, is still easy to use – one of my favorite things about your site.

    This one is perhaps more eye-catching. It is certainly nice.

    1. Stacy

      I put a lot more input into the design this time so it’s a bit busier. Bret likes a ‘cleaner’ design which is why the other site probably looked more minimalist. I’ve also found there aren’t a lot of templates for Word Press that aren’t busy… I wonder why?

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