Blythe Love

I have wanted a Blythe doll for quite some time. There is something about those HUGE eyes (even in college I loved big eyed dolls, so much so a friend of mine once bought me a Little Miss No Name I obsessed over) and big head that totally won me over – not to mention the fashions are so cute on a miniature scale. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I will be getting one this Valentine’s day. Sunshine Holiday Blythe (pictured on the left) will be arriving sometime early next month! Of course, that means I’ll have the opportunity to make all sorts of fun doll fashions. I’ve managed to pick up Simplicity 2353 and even splurged on a Dolly Coordinate Recipe Book (also arriving in February). Stay tuned for some upcoming doll projects, but in the mean time does anyone else own a Blythe (Pullip, or similar) that has any suggestions for patterns, supplies, etc.?

5 thoughts on “Blythe Love

  1. bernadette

    Lucky you! She is so cute. Yep – it’s those huge eyes – so expressive. I had a poster in my room when I was a teen, of a painting of a big-eyed girl. I forget the artist’s name. He or she was famous for that look.

  2. Beth

    How fun!
    You might check out “Nancy’s Notions” for their selection of doll clothing patterns and tools. (I got my catalog yesterday and have such a list of wants!!!)

  3. Stacy

    Kristen – I got mine from eBay. You can also find a few online retailers (like as well, but everyone that sells them tends to be overseas. There are also some ‘knockoff’ Blythe’s called Blybe (or something similar to that) – they use the Blythe mold to make the dolls, but are not as well constructed and have heard that some have an odor but are substantially less expensive. I understand that a lot of people buy them to practice their painting etc. techniques before applying it to their Blythes.

    Beth – thanks for the suggestion! I hadn’t thought of that! I may scroll through etsy as well, I bet there’s someone that’s got some epatterns out there!

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