Nothing But Mistakes

I spent the majority of my evening with a seam ripper. Most of my issue(s) can be blamed on distraction and just not focusing on the directions – I shouldn’t sew a new pattern when I can’t pay attention to it! Consequently, I only have the pleats and the bag handles attached to my Sunday Sling… I gave up shortly after since I was making too many mistakes. I guess I should look on the bright side, at least I noticed my mistake(s) before getting further into my project! Anyone else have days like that – no matter what you do, it’s wrong?

3 thoughts on “Nothing But Mistakes

  1. Beth

    When I took quilting, we were told to call it “un-sewing” — a much kinder, gentler term!!!
    You are so brave to take on this big and involved project. Absolutely I’ve had times of being too distracted and having to just put a project aside. It’s not fun having to rip back knitting when you were too busy watching something on TV and totally screwed up the pattern!
    Does she have any “simpler” patterns?

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