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Linky Thursday

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Nothing But Mistakes

I spent the majority of my evening with a seam ripper. Most of my issue(s) can be blamed on distraction and just not focusing on the directions – I shouldn’t sew a new pattern when I can’t pay attention to it! Consequently, I only have the pleats and the bag handles attached to my Sunday Sling… I gave up shortly after since I was making too many mistakes. I guess I should look on the bright side, at least I noticed my mistake(s) before getting further into my project! Anyone else have days like that – no matter what you do, it’s wrong?

Cutting and Fusing

After hours of cutting and fusing, I am finally ready to start sewing my Sunday Sling. While there doesn’t appear to be lots of pieces with this bag, several of the templates need to be folded over (some more than once) to create a new pattern – pair that up with exterior fabrics, lining material, and several layers of interfacing and you’ve got a whole day’s worth of activity right there. While it seems like I’m complaining (and to some extend I am because cutting is my least favorite activity…. following by ironing), it’s really worth it in the end as all that interfacing really makes for a professional looking bag.
On a side note, I’m having lots of problems with the comments portion of my site. Spam has really become a problem over the past few months so we’ve been tinkering with the filters. Consequently, for whatever reason, a lot of your comments are not appearing on the site and are being flagged as spam…. and the spam comments are still sneaking through! To try to remedy this, you’ll find numerous posts are now closed and the filters have been changed again. If you attempt to post, but do not see your comment on the site – don’t hesitate to send me an email (stacysews[at] This will help us fix the filters again until the new (and hopefully improved) site is up and running!

To Infinity….

Even though we haven’t had any real snow yet, temperatures have finally turned cold enough for ‘winter accessories’. In fact, I was so chilled the other night, I spent much of it sipping hot chocolate under my Wonder Woman Snuggie surfing the web. This of course ‘inspired’ me to join my latest swap, Keep Me Warm…. similar to my scarf swap, but with hot drinks!
Speaking of scarves, the latest Sewing Republic tutorial is up and it’s for the Infinity Scarf. I’d love to give this one a test run, especially if this is up to my partner’s tastes – even though it’s probably considered more ‘decorative’ than warm.

First Project For The New Year

I’ve been debating what should be my first project of the new year – and I’ve finally settled on Amy Butler’s Reversible Sunday Sling. I selected this one not just because I’m a sucker for a cute bag pattern, but also because of the fabric… I’m in love with this fabric:

These are two cotton prints I recently picked up on a recent shopping trip to Sew Much. I’m normally not a purple fan, but these colors are so vibrant, and the fabric had such a pretty sheen I couldn’t resist! (For those that are wondering, these are from Anthology Fabrics).
So here’s a little breakdown about the cost of this project:

Materials & Cost:

Now to get cutting! While this particular project doesn’t have a lot of pieces, it does require lots and lots of cutting (exterior and lining prints as well as several layers of interfacing and fleece) and fusing. I suspect that is an all day project in itself… so much for a clean sewing room!