Dalliance Gloves

I present to you the last completed project of 2011 (I’m attempting to be realistic)… the Dalliance Gloves. I’m not really much of a fingerless glovearm warmer type of person, but the details of this pattern made me want to give it a try. My scarf swap was a perfect excuse to try it out, too since I was making an accessory to match my Scoodie.
Besides the design itself, I liked the idea that the Dalliance Gloves could be made in a woven or a knit material. Since I was going for a ‘matched set’ look, I decided on using the rest of the boucle and flannel to make this pattern. Consequently, I had to ‘size’ my gloves for a woven material – I measured my own hand and was slightly larger that a medium so to be on the safe side, I cut and sewed a large for my partner. Most of the pieces have to be cut on the bias so it ‘stretches’ a bit when you put them on, unfortunately, I found that there’s just not enough stretch there for them to fit well – while I could put my hand though just fine, I had Taylor try them on and she struggled. I’m not sure if the sizing runs small or I did something ‘wrong’ (cut wrong, printed it off too small, etc.), but I’m guessing that my poor partner won’t be able to wear them. Other than the ‘fit’ issue, the end result looks good although is a bit bulky because of my fabric choice. Next time I guess I’ll try the knit version and see how it turns out.