T-Shirt Scarf

Well thanks to an upgrade by Movable Type, I’ve been unable to post for awhile. Thankfully Bret was able to figure it out for me and I can now write again. Good thing too, I have a new project to share… the T-Shirt Scarf! This one was extremely easy to sew and definitely fun. Basically, I used 9 shirts, cut them into 11×11″ squares, and sewed them together. I did the same with the back of the shirt and sewed the fronts and back together.
I think if I try this one again, I’ll do a two things differently:

  • I’ll use kids shirts – this will make a thinner version of the scarf (you really need it to be 11×11 to get most of your images fully onto your scarf when using adult shirts) and allow you to use more designs as well.
  • I’ll rotate the images at the ‘halfway’ point of the scarf (in the scarf above, all the shirts are going the same direction) so that when you wear the scarf, both edges are ‘right side up’.

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