Brave Shopper

Somehow, I managed to muster up enough courage to brave the fabric store today (it’s located in a mall) so that I can get enough supplies for some last minute apron order sewing. Apparently, most of the city must have had the same idea because not only was it busy, but there were a lot of empty shelves (totally unlike my Joann’s). Aside from ‘business sewing’, what else will I be up to the next few days:
Wrapping. Lots and lots of wrapping. I’d love to try my hand at Furoshiki (link via We All Sew), but I think the kids like the sound of tearing paper better. Maybe in a few years.
Finishing up my t-shirt scarf. So far, the front and the back are pieced, I just need to ‘put them together’.
Work on some Dalliance Gloves. There is something about this pattern I really love – and I’m not even a wrist warmer type of person. The best part is, you can use them with woven or knit fabric which is perfect since my scarf swap partner will probably be getting a set.