Doomed, But With A Great Outcome

Rounding out the last of the holiday sewing is another apron – this one for my (other) sister-in-law. While I simply adore the final outcome, this particular project was ‘doomed’ from the start. Let me share all the fiasco’s that happened with this apron:

  • While I had enough material for stripe pleats at the bottom of the apron, I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t have enough for the tie at the waist – both length and width. Consequently, the tie isn’t as long as what I wanted and wound up having to use the dot fabric for the reverse side of the tie.
  • My serger blade is in desperate need of changing (I’ve never done it with this machine and I’m thinking it may have to go in for ‘service’) and couldn’t cut through the material – especially at the bottom of the apron where the pleat is attached to the apron. Consequently, this area looks like it was chewed up by a beaver (or other small animal with sharp teeth).
  • I broke out in a spontaneous nose bleed while making this apron and dripped blood all over it – talk about putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a project! Thank goodness for diaper wipes, they seem to remove almost everything!

Considering everything that went wrong, I still LOVE this apron – it may be one of my favorites. Ever have a project like that?

3 thoughts on “Doomed, But With A Great Outcome

  1. Anne

    Despite those daunting issues, the apron turned out great! I like the cheery colors, and I know your sis-in-law will love it! Great tip about the diaper wipes, too. I never thought of using them to help remove stains. You always do such beautiful work, Stacy!

  2. Erika Sews

    Oh my gosh Stacy! For all the trials and tribulations, the apron does look really great. I love the polka dots with the stripes, a little bit vintage and a little bit modern!

  3. Beth

    You poor thing! Despite all the trials, a fine outcome!
    I’m not a serger girl, so I don’t know about the blade. Pretty nasty, though, the beaver and all!
    My worst was probably my beginner quilting class around the world quilt — I put the top together and my world only turned two thirds of the way and then went back on itself! I had to run to the quilt shop with a “quilting emergency” and find someone to show me where I went wrong.

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