It Matches

My next project came right out of Simply Sublime Gifts – a potholder. While that doesn’t sound very exciting, I thought a matching one would make a nice ‘accessory’ to this apron. Since I wanted everything to match, I decided to skip pre-quilted materials and make my own.

To do this I started with two pieces of fabric slightly larger than what I needed and sandwiched InsulBrite (to reflect heat) in between them. Instead of pinning the layers together, I used a temporary fabric spray adhesive and smoothed out any wrinkles. Then I started quilting – I used the guide bar that came with my machine to keep my lines evenly spaced (I highly recommend purchasing one since the alternative is to draw lines by hand).
After all the quilting I was ready to get started. The only drawback to this project is needing to enlarge the pattern on a copier (I really dislike having to do that). Otherwise, everything went together without a hitch and I have to admit that even though there was a lot of work involved (in the quilting), it was worth it since I really like that it matches the fabric to the apron. However, if I ever make this pattern in the future, I’ll probably spring for pre-quilted material… it’s just so much easier!

2 thoughts on “It Matches

  1. Beth

    You did such a wonderful job on this! Thanks for showing how to use that tool; I have one that came with my machine and I had no idea how or what it was used for!

  2. Susan

    Your apron and potholder are beautiful, she will love them!! Your quilting is much prettier than any pre-quilted fabric would have been.

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