Three Down

In between folding a mountain of laundry, I somehow managed to finish off all the Jayhawk boxers (I apologize for the poor picture quality, no one was around to take my pictures so I used my camera phone and a mirror). This project was truly a labor of love – not just in the construction itself, but in all the applique work as well… three times over. It was well worth it though, as my mom, Taylor, and I have a set of shorts that are not just cute, but no one else will have. I had hoped that these would have been finished well before the cold weather started in (I began this project back in September), but seeing that Christmas is only two weeks away, they are now Christmas gifts. Scratch one more item off my ‘to do’ list! What’s left on yours?

3 thoughts on “Three Down

  1. Beth

    Ohmigosh, I found out this afternoon that I’m needed to help chaperone the 6th grade trip to NYC’s Times Square for the King Tut exhibit on Thursday! Needless to say, the time to make things for Christmas is slipping away so quickly, but obviously for good reasons.

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