Simply Sublime Gifts

I’m always skeptical when it comes to titles that say “High Style, Low Sew”, because it’s been my experience that something generally ‘suffers’ (quality, style, etc.). However, it doesn’t stop me from checking a book out. Recently, I bought Simply Sublime Gifts and I have to say, it’s a book that lives up to it’s name. I can honestly say, I love this book as most of the projects look quick to whip up, are adorable (and some very clever), and would make perfect gifts. While some of the projects aren’t new (for example there are instructions on how to make a ‘box bag’), the take on them is cute and unique (making ‘his’ and ‘her’ versions). There are also some great recycling projects as well such as the Wonder Bread apron (as seen on the cover) and oven mitts made from moving blankets! All projects are marked as to how difficulthow much time it will take to create – making this a perfect book for all skill levels. Simply Sublime Gifts is a great title to own if you’re looking for quick-to-whip-up holiday gifts, swap items, or just wanting to make a few fun items for yourself.
FYI: I’ll be making a few projects from this book in the coming weeks as I wrap up some of my holiday sewing!

2 thoughts on “Simply Sublime Gifts

  1. Mary

    Thanks for the book review. I love it when you love a book because so far I always agree with you. I tend to wait now for your review before I spend. Merry Christmas.

  2. Beth

    Ooooo! I’m thinking of putting this on my list for Santa! Looking forward to seeing what you make from the book and see how the timing they give you is working or not.
    Thanks for doing this review!

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