Mini Stockings

Just in time for the holidays, my latest project for The Sewing Republic has gone live! These little mini-stockings are perfect for ‘wrapping up’ gift cards, decorating the tree, or make 24 of them for a hanging advent calendar (you could also enlarge the pattern for full size versions as well)! All stockings are lined and there are two cuff styles available, one with a contrasting fabric and the other with a faux fur trim. While the fur on this trim was fairly short and easy to work with, you may find longer styles more difficult. Here’s a few tips on working with fake fur:

  • Try cutting trim from the wrong side, making small snips and cutting only the backing. This will assure that you are not cutting the fur itself.
  • Keep in mind that fur has a nap – even trim. If you are making multiple stocking with the fur, be sure to keep them all running in the same direction.
  • After cutting shake your trim or brush away any loose fur. After sewing with faux fur, be sure to clean your machine. Even if you shake away the excess, there will be a large amount of lint left in your machine.
  • Before sewing, ‘comb’ the fur toward the center of the trim – away from seam allowances. This will help keep the fur from being sewn into the fabric. After sewing, free any fur from your seams by using a chopsitck or other blunt tool (for short hair, I use a thin metal dowel that came with my ‘turning tool kit’).
  • I prefer sewing faux fur with a zigzag stitch. This helps keep the seam slightly more ‘invisible’.

One thought on “Mini Stockings

  1. Beth

    Oh darn! Just got back from Joann Fabric and now I see this cute project! Now I’m bummed that I bought two tins to hold gift cards just yesterday. These stockings are so perfect for the gift cards.
    All your fake fur clues are perfect; I made a costume with it many, many years ago (middle son was one and is turning 18 next month, LOL!) and I still remember learning these tips as I went along.

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