Simple Times

Amazon must be thrilled with me lately because I have been ordering lots of books. I have so many that I still haven’t reviewed that I had a hard time decided what to start off with first – so I did a random draw (eenie, meenie…) and came up with Amy Sedaris’ Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. I loved her first book, I Like You (in fact, I started giving it as part of bridal shower gifts) that I thought her second one would be just as hilarious. Personally, I didn’t think this one was quite as funny even though it’s predominantly all ‘jokes’ (there were actual ‘usable’ recipes in I Like You), but if I didn’t have her previous works to compare with, I probably wouldn’t be making that statement. This book is very entertaining and laugh out loud funny (even Taylor enjoyed browsing through it), but don’t expect to find any ‘real’ crafting tips or projects unless a tuna can mobile for babies is your thing (I’ll keep my eye out for them on Craftastrophe and Regretsy) – it’s all parody. So, if you’re looking for a fun read based on ridiculous crafting I highly recommend Simple Times, otherwise, skip it… you won’t be missing anything.