Tryptophan Is Not A Myth

I had high hopes that I would accomplish something (in the sewing room that is) over the holiday weekend… I even had a pajama pattern picked out for Ann‘s PJ sew along. Unfortunately, copious amounts of tryptophan (i.e. turkey) left me too tired to make my way into the sewing room. However, I did make up for it yesterday and started cutting material for a Little Black Dress Apron order. Although I’d love to sew for myself, this takes precedence – not just because it’s for a customer, but because I still have black thread in my serger and it seems all my other project require a more neutral color (or white)!
On the plus side, I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping which means I can focus in on some holiday sewing! I have several items that I need to make so I guess it’s time to stop talking about them and get cracking!
Speaking of holiday sewing, what is everyone else working on? I’d love to hear some ideas (I might just add them to my list!).

2 thoughts on “Tryptophan Is Not A Myth

  1. Beth

    Don’t know if you’re a knitter, Stacy, but I’m knitting a hat for my husband for the very first time. I got the yarn from the person who spun it and dyed it — how cool is that? Beyond that, one son has requested a fleece jacket, I think I have quilted fleece that I never used (yikes!) that would work for a fleece vest for youngest son, and I was thinking of making jammies. I’m hitting Joann’s on Thursday for a pattern for the fleece jacket and hopefully some bargains on fabric. Plus rotary blades are on sale.

  2. stacy

    I haven’t done knitting in years – and never really moved beyond making scarves, but I’d love to be able to do hats (I even got a neat hat book)… and I’m jealous about the hand dyed yarn! I’ve seen some in swaps and they are yummy!
    Now I’ve got to go back and look at my Joann’s flyer to see what I’m missing this week!

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