Black Friday & More Hats

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What happened to yesterday’s post?” I can say it in two words, “Black Friday”. Instead of starting at midnight like we originally intended, my mom (and Taylor this year too) and I decided we would skip the really early openings and just start off at 4am like we ‘normally’ do (although I did stop off at Michael’s Thanksgiving evening for some of their goodies). After a day of shopping I came home and realized two things: 1) I never put up a post and that I was too tired to do it, and 2) I bought very little for gifts and stocked up for myself! Oh well, it’s all in fun anyway. Did anyone else get out? What sorts of bargains did you manage to find?
As for sewing, I have one last set of hats to show you and then I promise, that’s it (although i won’t exclude sewing hats as gifts)! The last round are ‘devil hats’ for the kids – some days, it’s so appropriate. Both of them refused to put it on and pose for a picture, so I was reduced to just snapping a photo of them on the coffee table.

One thought on “Black Friday & More Hats

  1. Beth

    Great hats, yet again, Stacy!
    Came down with a cold, thanks to the boys, so I wasn’t in the spirit of dealing with Black Friday. I’m thinking of hitting Joann’s tomorrow and also watching their daily online specials (Christmas scrapbooking pads of cardstock and patterned paper). Looking also at hitting Old Navy for some Christmas scarves for a last minute photo of the family for stuffing into Christmas cards.

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