A few post back, I mentioned joining the International Snack Swap – it’s a fairly low pressure swap that required you to craft one item (plate, container, etc.) and send the rest of the package as snacks and candies. This is what I came up with:

I ‘painted’ a metal container (I use Sharpies) with cute Kawaii style designs (after several emails back and forth, I thought that was something she might enjoy) and filled a rather large box full of non-chocolate goodies (she doesn’t like chocolate). This proved rather difficult since she is from Canada and so many of our candies and snacks are the same or similar. Some of the more unusual items in her box included BBQ Pork Rinds (we had a discussion that she had never had them), Funyuns, a sucker with a cricket inside (hope that passes customs), Mexican cookiespastries, and some retro candies. Crossing my fingers everything makes it there in one piece!