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Tryptophan Is Not A Myth

I had high hopes that I would accomplish something (in the sewing room that is) over the holiday weekend… I even had a pajama pattern picked out for Ann‘s PJ sew along. Unfortunately, copious amounts of tryptophan (i.e. turkey) left me too tired to make my way into the sewing room. However, I did make up for it yesterday and started cutting material for a Little Black Dress Apron order. Although I’d love to sew for myself, this takes precedence – not just because it’s for a customer, but because I still have black thread in my serger and it seems all my other project require a more neutral color (or white)!
On the plus side, I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping which means I can focus in on some holiday sewing! I have several items that I need to make so I guess it’s time to stop talking about them and get cracking!
Speaking of holiday sewing, what is everyone else working on? I’d love to hear some ideas (I might just add them to my list!).

Sew It All

Sew It All magazine hits newsstands in one week, but my contributor copy arrived this weekend! This issue is jam packed with 50 projects, including mine – an insulated water bottle carrier (with removable strap). This was a project that I had in my head for quite some time and was thrilled to finally put it to paper. Best of all, it’s one of those projects that uses small amounts of fabrics (think leftover scraps or fat quarters) and can easily be made in under 2 hours! Sew It All is available on December 6… be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

Gingerbread Villages

For about a week and a half, Taylor was looking forward to yesterday’s activity… decorating gingerbread houses. This is one of those activities I usually dread – I’m not great with icing, they are horribly messy, and I find that the kits can be difficult to construct too.
I started with Target’s Gingerbread Village. Save your money, this kit is horrible. The houses have to be broken apart – not an easy task when the gingerbread is hard and not scored enough for them to break apart evenly. I destroyed 2 complete buildings trying to break them by hand and then cutting them with a knife. The candy is unpalatable too – although they look pretty, some are bitter and those cute little gummy trees are unexpectedly minty. The houses are difficult to construct since the surviving houses were slightly uneven. I tried to ‘smooth’ them out so they would fit together better, but since the cookies were so hard all I did was break off chunks.
Since I didn’t think 3 mini houses were going to be enough for 2 kids to decorate, I decided to head to Walmart. I found a kit in their bakery department and I was pleasantly surprised at what I got. There were ‘good candies’ inside (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.), all the gingerbread pieces were soft and all pre-cut, and there was a base included to ‘glue’ the house onto. Everything was easily put together and the best part of all? Nothing fell apart!
Of course, the most important part is that the kids had fun. Easton was in it for the candy alone – he gave up decorating the houses halfway through the second one. Taylor thoroughly enjoyed herself – now she’s trying to protect her creation from Easton who is determined to pick off all the goodies from her door (and eat the sugar Santa).

Black Friday & More Hats

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What happened to yesterday’s post?” I can say it in two words, “Black Friday”. Instead of starting at midnight like we originally intended, my mom (and Taylor this year too) and I decided we would skip the really early openings and just start off at 4am like we ‘normally’ do (although I did stop off at Michael’s Thanksgiving evening for some of their goodies). After a day of shopping I came home and realized two things: 1) I never put up a post and that I was too tired to do it, and 2) I bought very little for gifts and stocked up for myself! Oh well, it’s all in fun anyway. Did anyone else get out? What sorts of bargains did you manage to find?
As for sewing, I have one last set of hats to show you and then I promise, that’s it (although i won’t exclude sewing hats as gifts)! The last round are ‘devil hats’ for the kids – some days, it’s so appropriate. Both of them refused to put it on and pose for a picture, so I was reduced to just snapping a photo of them on the coffee table.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today. I’ve put off Linky Thursday as I have spent yesterday and today in the kitchen…. as you can see, the turkey is already in the oven! If your looking to add a bit of sewing to your festivities, be sure to enter Hot Pattern’s giveaway or join the pajama sew-along going on at Gorgeous Things. As for me, I’m hoping to sneak away and trace a pattern or two and take in some Black Friday shopping…. starting tonight. Yes, I know, I’m crazy, but it’s definitely become a tradition with my mom and I.

New To Me

Even though I had high hopes of getting lots of sewing in this past weekend, all I did was shop – and I managed to find some ‘new to me’ sewing goodies. First an absolutely adorable Little Monsters quilt pattern from Don’t Look Now! Besides the fact that the quilt itself is cute (and not to mention geared toward boys), it came with two pillow patterns! At some point I think I’ll make the personalized monster pillow for Easton – I think he’ll love it!
I also picked up two prints from Anthology Fabrics. I’m not sure that I’ve heard of this company before, but so far, I’m really pleased with the material – the prints are gorgeous, the colors are vibrant, and it has a nice sheen to it (Cindy at Sew Much also said that it didn’t wrinkle horribly after washing either)! I specifically bought these fabrics to make Amy Butler’s Reversible Sunday Sling.
Anyone else find any ‘new to me’ products lately?

More Hats

I had high hopes of tackling a number of projects this weekend. Unfortunately, all I did were these… and they weren’t even on my list:

The camo bunny hat is for Easton – he seemed to like the one I made for this swap so much I thought I would make him his own (I made the small adult size and it fits him fairly well). The ‘Hello Kitty’ version is for Taylor. I used the cat pattern for the fun fleece animal hat pattern and added a bow, eyes, and a nose. I think that it needs a bit more tweeking if I decide to make this version again.

It’s Begining To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Yesterday was a day filled with fun holiday activities: a Santa parade, Night Before Christmas children’s theater dance, and unwrapping Christmas gifts from my Stocking Swap partner! As you can see above, there were all sorts of AWESOME goodies inside: A pretty pink quilted stocking, a Dunder Mifflin prank kit (jello, mold, and stapler) and some gifts from Dwight (all wrapped in Dunder Mifflin ‘packaging’)! A gorgeous (and super snuggly) blanket that was stowed away in a matching bag! Ornaments for the kids and I, some horror movie magnets (we were partners in the Halloween swap and had sent me some previously), a crochet scarf that matches a hat she made me in the Halloween swap, Japanese erasers like the ones on my wists, a memo pad, and a cupcake pincushion. But wait, there’s more! My partner also made me these AWESOME soaps that look like popsicles and a set of sewing themed and cupcake pins… both inspired by my Wists!
Last, but not least, she made a beautiful bracelet:

Not only did I wind up with a fantastic package, but I’m definitely feeling the holiday spirit… I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas!


A few post back, I mentioned joining the International Snack Swap – it’s a fairly low pressure swap that required you to craft one item (plate, container, etc.) and send the rest of the package as snacks and candies. This is what I came up with:

I ‘painted’ a metal container (I use Sharpies) with cute Kawaii style designs (after several emails back and forth, I thought that was something she might enjoy) and filled a rather large box full of non-chocolate goodies (she doesn’t like chocolate). This proved rather difficult since she is from Canada and so many of our candies and snacks are the same or similar. Some of the more unusual items in her box included BBQ Pork Rinds (we had a discussion that she had never had them), Funyuns, a sucker with a cricket inside (hope that passes customs), Mexican cookiespastries, and some retro candies. Crossing my fingers everything makes it there in one piece!