Turtle Accessories

Whew, costume sewing is DONE! I managed to find a satin that perfectly matched the fleece for the hood. I used the ‘wrong side’ to keep the shine down. Aside from the snags I mentioned yesterday, this part of the costume went together well, except that I found the elastic in the back of the hood to be a bit too small – it’s stretched so far that it’s over-stretched and really doesn’t do much good. I’m not too concerned, I’m thinking Easton won’t wear this on Halloween anyway.

Finding the “Jiffy Grip” for the boots proved to be a bit of a challenge. I searched several different stores before finally finding it at Joann’s (sold by-the-yard). The search was totally worth it since Easton wouldn’t take the boots off after I made them and I feel like the non-slip surface is a bit more secure than making my own (i.e. using puff paint on the bottom of the fleece). The boots and the shell may be Easton’s favorite part of his costume!