Turtle Body

After finishing up the turtle shell, I intended to work on the feetbooties and hood next, but I ran into a couple of snags. First the booties called for “Jiffy Grip”… one notion I forgot to pick up as I had assumed I had some left over from a project years ago. Obviously, that’s one that I decided to purge several years ago when we moved. The second problem came with the hood and Simplicity’s poor directions. You see, nowhere on the envelope (or even in the directions) does this pattern call for lining – which is funny because the hood needs some lining.
The hood section is made up of 3 parts: two side pieces and one middle section that is gathered all the way around to fit….. it’s a bit bulky since it’s all fleece, but it works. The directions calls for making a ‘lining’ out of…… fleece. Now if the hood is already a bit on the bulky side, what is it going to look like if you make a second layer of fleece to add to it? Besides, can you imagine how bad your kid is going to sweat in that thing? To make matters worse, you’re supposed to make a lining, but they neglected to have you cut a center section to even complete it (this step is missing from the pattern piece itself and cutting directions as well). So, it’s back to the store to get something that will work as a lining material. Ugh.
As for the body of the costume, this part went together without a hitch. The only problem I ran into was trying to find a color of knit that would work with fleece. I never found one so I opted to cut up a pair of camouflage print pjs that I had made Easton last year and that he’s outgrown. Now it’s off to the store for a few supplies and then back into the sewing room!

2 thoughts on “Turtle Body

  1. Sarah

    Ugh – just when I think I’m getting better at sewing, I have to sew a costume and I start scratching my head and wondering why I can never do it right.
    I can’t wait to see the finished costume! Aidan’s going as Dementor (from Harry Potter) this year. I hope to update my long neglected blog with pictures.

  2. Beth

    So sorry about the problems with the pattern. I had difficulties with the Simplicity one I used for the Darth Maul costume. The directions look like they ran out of room at the last portions and so suddenly they leave you with basting in that obviously has to come out, and ties that just don’t work very well.
    I usually find McCalls and Butterick patterns are clearer. I want to try Kwik Sew and other pattern makers.

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