One Down

One costume is completely finished! We (aright, I) decided that even though her costume wasn’t really anything in particular (there really was no theme) that a coordinating shirt would look really cute with everything. I decided on Jalie 2805 – (the newer t-shirt pattern with lots of variations) Taylor selected a V-neck style with cap sleeves. I used the stripe for the sleeves and tried to bring in a bit of color at the V-neck by using the stripe material here as well. When I had her try it on to check the fit and the length, Taylor told me that she liked the look of the jersey unfinished at the bottom (it was rolling to the right side of the material) so I didn’t bother hemming it (whew, what a time saver!). We tried to ‘spruce’ up the shirt some by trying out various different ice cream images to use as iron-ons for the front of the shirt, but we never found anything that worked or we likes so we’ve decided to skip it. I think she’s more apt to wear this again without an image anyway.
Even though Taylor’s costume doesn’t have a theme, when everything is put together, she looks very Katy Perry-ish – I’ll be sure to take pictures before she heads out the door. She’s also wanting something else to go with her costume, but honestly, I have no idea what would work….. Taylor thought about ‘crunk teeth’grillz. Um, no.