Shell Shocked

This weekend was filled with sewing (the first in a long time)- I had a good opportunity to work on Easton’s costume and also give a private sewing lesson (that was LOTS of fun)! I decided to start with the turtle shell since I figured this was going to be the most difficult part of the costume (I always like to start with the hardest first so it’s ‘smooth sailing’ for there on out). I used a fusible webbing to adhere the appliques to the shell – it crushed the pile on the fleece some, but it was well worth it since I didn’t struggle with keeping everything in place (after I was finished I did a combination of raking my fingernails across the fabric and rubbing it on the carpet to get the fabric to stand up some after all that ironing).
I think the overall construction of the shell was just weird – the instructions had you sewing the foam along with the shell, then turning. I’m sure that this is to keep you from having to trim the seam allowance of the foam or having you attempt to insert and position it once the shell is flipped right side out. I think it’s fine since it is a costume, but if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t sew the foam with the fabric (although I was very surprised how easily it went through my machine – way to go Bernina!) One mistake I did make is using fusible Velcro. It adheres fine initially, but because fleece is fuzzy, after ‘sticking and unsticking’ the Velcro several times, it starts pulling away from the fabric. The moral of the story: Fusible Velcro works great on cottons, not so much of fuzzy fleece.

5 thoughts on “Shell Shocked

  1. Jacqui

    Can’t wait to see the finished costume!
    I’m not a big fan of fusible velcro myself. I used some on DD’s messenger bag made from home dec cotton and it came off, too.

  2. Beth

    Congratulations on surviving making the shell! This weekend I worked with pleather for the first time for my son’s costume. Ironing it was a trick, not a treat!
    I didn’t purchase the fusible velcro for this costume since I can’t possibly fuse it to pleather. I tend to prefer to just stitch it in place, so it won’t come up at the edges post-washing.

  3. CGCouture

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of the fusible velcro either….I always by the stitch on kind. Though that has it’s own set of cons–like the fact that it takes forever to stitch down!

  4. Stacy

    I’ve had good success with the fusible Velcro with cotton – one, maybe two layers. Anything thicker and it seems like the heat doesn’t penetrate through the material enough to melt the glue. I’ll have to remember that it doesn’t work on fleece either!

  5. suzie

    Stacy, this looks great! Can’t wait to see it finished 🙂 is it the “ninja” brand of turtle or the “cute” brand of turtle for Easton this year? Something tells me from your facebook posts about Easton’s antics that he’s got to be a Ninja Turtle! lol
    btw: that lady head thing….still scares the crap out of me when I see it posted here ROFL!

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