So Many Pieces

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m in panic mode. With only 10 days left until Halloween, I have a lot of work to do making costumes – and even less if we go to Night of the Living Zoo this weekend! Consequently, I stayed up late cutting out all the pieces to Easton’s turtle get-up and I wondered to myself – “Why, oh why, do I pick costumes that have an exorbitant amount of pieces?”

The only change I made (at the moment) is use fusible webbing for the shell applique. The pattern required some lightweight fusible interfacing, but I think it’s only to keep the pieces from stretching out of shape while you’re sewing down the applique. I thought a bit of Wonder Under would do the same trick and keep all the pieces in place so I don’t have to pin them and worry about shifting. Now let the marathon sewing begin (and put together Taylor’s ‘hodge-podge’ outfit before her party)!
By the way, look for ‘Linky Thursday’ this weekend!

2 thoughts on “So Many Pieces

  1. Beth

    ~Sigh~ Welcome to the “Mom’s desperate to finish Halloween Costumes” club! Working on one for my high school senior is a lot different than one for a little guy! Jeez! These pieces are BIG! Right now I have to stay stitch this huge inner lining piece. This step alone is taking up an hour all by itself. Yikes! Know that you’re not alone!!!

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