Bunny Hat

I crossed another item off my Wists swap partner’s list – a bunny hat (the one on her Wists was even in a camo print). I used this downloadable pattern for fleece animal hats for the pattern – the only change I made was widening the ears a bit so they looked more like my ‘inspiration photo.’ While my scissors didn’t like cutting through all that fleece (it may be time to invest in a good pair or at the very least a new cheap set), sewing this project was super easy and I highly recommend it for newer sewers (this would make a good teen project). There are a few things I did want to mention:

  • The hats run small. If you’re intending on making one for a guy or someone with a larger head, you may be in trouble. I made the large size and it fit my head (and it’s small), although there was still some ‘give’ to the hat.
  • The instructions say that you can make up to 3 hats from your fabric. I really think that this was intended for the kids version as I can’t see how you can squeeze even two hats out even if you make the smallest size.

With that said, I do intend on making this one up again, well, twice. One for Taylor and another for my Christmas Stocking partner – although you can expect some different designs for both.

2 thoughts on “Bunny Hat

  1. Stacy

    Just a regular sewing machine and a zigzag stitch. I think using the serger on fleece makes the seams even bulkier and since it won’t ravel there’s not as much of a need to serge anyway.

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